Selected Project Experience

Atlantic Substation Expansion Project

Triton supplied an Active Treatment System (ATS) with an 800-1,000 gallons per minute capacity with 3 sediment basins for 2 years.  The treatment system components consisted of storage and settling tanks, a chitosan polymer flocculation metering/mixing system, sand and bag/cartridge filtration units, and multiple extraction and discharge pumps.  The ATS treated storm water from the site and discharged into the sanitary sewer.

Construction on State Highway in Marin County near Stinson Beach

Triton provided a small excavator, small loader, water buffalo, and supplemental power tools to complete the installation of a soil anchors and anchored wire mesh system to provide slope stabilization and prevent slope movement into the Pacific Ocean.  The project was completed for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).

Best Management Practices Portfolio

Triton has teamed with an environmental general contractor to provide BMP services for a portfolio of utility project.  Triton’s products and services have included but are not limited to: delivery and rental of rumble racks/plate for construction entrance/exit stabilization, rental of excavating equipment for construction/storage yard development, rental of walk-behind and ride-on trenchers for sediment and erosion control installation, rental of dump trucks for transporting and disposing of used BMPs, and rental of water buffalo and hydroseeder for site restoration. The portfolio of projects has consisted of transmission line installation and reconductoring; gas pipeline installation, relocation, and hydrostatic testing; substation expansion; and power plant modifications.

Mandalay Generation Station Remediation

Triton supplied equipment to complete site remediation and restoration of the North and South basins of the Mandalay Generating Station in Oxnard, California.  In addition, Triton provided the project’s BMPs to maintain compliance with governing environmental documents and regulators requests.

Tesla Substation Expansion

Triton furnished the necessary equipment to install and operation an ATS for 12 month and the excavator to construct the sediment dewatering basin onsite for the ATS.  These products were also supplied by equipment rental to install and remove erosion and sediment controls throughout the life of the project.